Change in the Air

Change in the Air

Years ago I was having a challenging time with my three young children as we wrapped up a grocery store trip and got in the car to head home. A grandfather-looking gentleman was getting into his car next to us and he said, “you are doing a great job.” I gave a thanks-but-I’m-fried smile in return and said, “its like herding cats sometimes.” His response has stayed with me over the years – “I’d say it’s more like herding butterflies.” We laughed and he drove away as I continued to cajole and try to get everyone in the car and buckled up.

Herding butterflies. Butterflies are beautiful and elusive. They are always on the go and you can use a net to catch them but it seems harsh and doesn’t actually ‘tame’ them. Cats (in general) don’t seem to have any affection for humans but butterflies…. if you sit still and tune in to your shared environment, they may land on you. It felt like a perfect analogy for parenting. And as it has come to mind again and again, it feels like a great analogy for my life in that I can’t seem to capture it or make it slow down. And I’ve always got many things I’m doing at one time. Sometimes I don’t know if I’m the butterfly Herder or the butterfly.

Over the past decade I have been trying to find the life mold that suits me best – some definition I can fit into that will help me figure out what my path and destination should or could be. And I’ve been pigeon-holing myself because I felt like there were too many parts of my to make sense together. But it isn’t working. I have been keeping up three blogs on herbs and natural wellness, children and nature, and personal musings on life (which generally relates to the rest of it). And I’ve decided that I just don’t have the bandwidth to split myself up. So I’m consolidating. I don’t think it will make a huge difference on my blog actually, but rather I think it will add to the richness of the content and make it more ME.

I am doing all of the website work myself while moving into a new house, preparing for a new homeschool year, doing a freelance job helping a client publish an ebook, getting ready to teach ESL with an online company, designing a local youth Nature club, and managing to keep the days pretty even paced with my family of five (more on all of that to come!). All that to say, it feels like slow progress. But I’ve figured out the technicalities for creating this new website and over the next few weeks, you’ll see the design change and make more sense (hopefully)! So thank you for your patience as this transition unfolds.

I assure you that once the smoke clears, I will be back with inspiration for living a simple and natural life, the magic of herbs, parenting, and more!