Exploring Tiny Houses

Exploring Tiny Houses

We are in the design-phase for our tiny house and while my husband can draft wonderful 2D designs and even 3D renderings, I need to stand in the space to get a sense for how it might feel. So we penciled a Holiday Tiny House Festival onto the calendar and headed down to Stapleton one Saturday. It was crazy how many people were there! Wow. We had to buy tickets and then wait in a long line to give them our phone number so they could text us when it was our turn to enter the cordoned off area where the tiny houses were on display. After wandering he mall for over an hour, we got the text, were allowed into the festival area and then waited in line to see each tiny house! Good high we brought snacks for the kids! There were also free hot cocoa samples (one could have multiple samples) and carolers for some distraction.Thank goodness for The Dickens' Carolers!

Aside from the craziness though, it was so awesome to be in these tiny homes! Most of them were super tiny and could not fit our family for longer than a weekend. But there were all sorts of innovative ideas for using space effectively.

Cubbies that popped down from under floor space.

Washer-dryer units hidden in space that might otherwise go unused or be difficult to access.

Multi-purpose spaces like these drying rack-storage baskets.

Ladders on wall space that might otherwise go unused.

Storage space built into the under-space of a room.

Tiny heating units.

We got ideas for how to create multiple rooms but still have a sense of open space. We looked at the different frames and heights. One had a porch off of the kitchen that could be rolled back in when not in use or when traveling.

Totally aesthetic but can you see the painting underneath the diagonal pieces! People are so creative!

It was great to go with the kids and have them experience the space as well. Of course we were in the houses with other people as well but they could try out different ladders and experience how a loft bedroom would feel. The kitchen is important to me as we cook a lot. It needs to have enough space for people and food and kitchen tools, and also allow the cook(s) to be part of the other activities going on while they prepare meals.

So now we return home to look at our drawings and chat about the space we are gong to create especially for us!