The Beginning of Something

The Beginning of Something

We hadn’t planned on buying much of anything this Black Friday. It was going to be a day of board games and family fun sprinkled with snacking. But my husband likes to browse the Facebook marketplace and half-jokingly called me over to ask, ‘should we buy this?’ ‘This’ was a 40-foot long trailer frame on wheels. In between negotiating the next game with the kids, we exchanged half-thoughts: ‘it’s kind of perfect for us…’ ‘it is crazy?’ We asked some questions of the person selling it and found out that it was the base for a mobile office building from the 60s and she stripped it down to he frame intending to build a tiny house but now she is moving in the next couple of days and needs to sell it. We had the kids get dressed while we debated whether we could pull it with the mini-van, and piled in the cars (one to pull, one to spot from behind) to go take a look. Long story short: five hours later, we backed it into our driveway, hoping it would fit.

We’ve been talking about tiny homes for a while. Since we met, we have talked about a homestead of our own. Freedom in an open-space of land. This has become more and more desirable as our family has grown and we want that space for our children as well. Peace of mind, space to explore and engage with the natural world. Having gotten married, embarked on new careers, bought our first house, and had our first child, all around ‘the Great Recession’ peak in 2008, it has felt like we have just been living to make it to the next stepping stone. Life is beautiful but it’s been pretty tough too. This 40′ long metal frame on wheels feels like something new. I’m not ready to share our dreams for it or how things might play out. Right now I’d rather just share our journey as the reality unfolds. It feels like the beginning of something.



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